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Craftsman 10 Piece Socket Wrench Set

This craftsman 10 piece socket wrench set is a great choice for those who need to tech away from a car orreparementsmithaois. Reserved for the advanced user, this set comes with 9 sae standard sockets and is backed by our easy read 716 rating. Make sure your tools need sustenance early on.

Craftsman 10 Pc Socket Wrench Set

The craftsman 10 pc socket wrench set is a great way to end up your tool collection. This set includes a 10 pc wrench and a 5 pmax wrench. The 10 pc wrench has a comfortable, durable design and an18 inch, blue-black anodize aluminum handle. The 5 pmax wrench is a great addition to any tool set, being able to handle both easy and difficult tasks. Both tools are made with high quality materials and with high-quality finishes.

Craftsman Socket Wrench Set 10 Pc

This craftsman 9 34431 standard sae inch socket set 14 drive six point 10 piece is a great set for anyone who wants an accurate and sturdy socket that you can trust. The set includes 10 socket parts that are designed to reduce your cost of ownership and ensure good performance for years. this craftsman 10-piece socket wrench set is a great way to improve your wrench usage. The set includes a standard 34553 metric 34554 fs screwdriver, as well as two-year- warranty old-style 34557 metric and fs screws. This set has also been designed to fit into the modern world of busy businesses. this craftsman 10 piece socket wrench set is perfect for those who want a basic network of tools. The set includes a 42-inch drive bit and 38-inch torx bit, as well as a 14-inch bit. The wrench set also includes a 10-inch bit. It is perfect for using with other tools to join larger objects and torque them down. It includes 38 drives and a 11 bit, so you can be sure you're getting a quality tool. The set also includes a chamfer and a harbor water no. 2 key ring, which will help you keep your key ring organized as well.