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Grip 7 Pc Super Thin Wrench Set

Grip 7 Pc Super Thin wrench set is sensational for lovers who need a little more space in their workshop, this set includes a sae wrench and a Thin wrench in a set that can be easily carried around. The Grip as well Thin and lightweight so you can take it on any work job.

Grip 7 Pc Super Thin Wrench Set Ebay

The Grip 7 Pc Super Thin wrench set is an outstanding surrogate to get your hands on the tools you need quickly, this set includes an 7 pc. Size wrench, a washer and bit, and a single, Thin bit, it's a peerless set for putting on over your hand tool set or a small work area. This 7-pack of super-thin wrench sets up to work quickly and easily on various materials with it the set includes a "grip" 7-foot wrench that is about 8-inches tall, another 7-footer is included for adding a little extra reach. The set also includes an 6-inch wrench and an extra set of screws, this 7 Pc Super Thin wrench set is first-rate for a person digging for a tool that they can use on multiple tasks at once. The set includes a v-shaped head that is top-of-the-heap for removing greasy foodstuffs, and a small head that can get the job done on simple tasks like removing an old belt, other features include a shoulder that is top-rated for removing a heavy object, and a stigma that will help you avoid getting your hand pretty in blue when using these tools on the job. This set includes 27 different wrenches, but only needs to be used with the best known tools, it is very facile to operate and is terrific for start working on cars.