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Pittsburgh Jumbo Wrench Set

This jumbo wrench set from pittsburgh is large and angles for a variety of tasks. The tools are double-acting and have a 45-degree angled head angle to handle many tasks. This set comes with a case and is around $50 on ebay.

pittsburg jumbo wrench set 6pc

pittsburg jumbo wrench set 6pc

By Pittsburgh Automotive


Jumbo SAE Angle Wrench Set, 6 Pc.

Pittsburgh Large Wrench Set

If you're looking for a large wrench set in the pittsburgh area, you'll want to check out our list! This set includes a set of two large wrenches and a set of four small wrenches. They're perfect for working with multiple tasks at the same time, and they're built to last.

Cheap Pittsburgh Jumbo Wrench Set

This jumbo wrench set is perfect for anyone who wants an offset wrench set that is both easy to use and reliable. The set includes the two it's been looking for and more. This set also includes a 615 offset tool, which is perfect for turning 2-3 stars a day. the pittsburgh jumbo wrench set is perfect for anyone who wants to open their tools double-ended. This set includes a 6-pce. Pieche double open end jumbo angle head toolwrench set sae. With this set, you can start making tools single-ended or even - including all of the essential workshop tools - with the 6-pce. This set is the perfect way to start making tools single-ended, or with essential tools for a larger angle on the tool. the pittsburgh super jumbo sae combination wrench set 4 pc. Is a great set for anyone looking to get the job done quickly. With a variety of standard and aftermarket parts, this set sure will let you do just that. There is a set for every job, whether it is getting a screw tight, pauponning a screw, or simply getting the perfect response from a screw. The set includes a jumbo wrenches and a key ring so that everyone has them available at all times. The wrenches are overall a great value for those who need them, and the key ring is a great feature for keeping everything organized.