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Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench Set

This set is for removal from the engine of a ford mustang, ford f-150, ford taurus, or chrysler re imp from 0-2 cities. It is also compatible with the chrysler jeep version 0-2 cities. It is not compatible with the chrysler jeep version 1 city.

Fan Clutch Wrench Set Harbor Freight

Are you looking for a new fan clutch wrench set? if so, then you should check out this one. This set is a great value as well. You will be able to get your new fan clutch wrench set easy and quickly.

Universal Fan Clutch Wrench Set

This universal fan clutch wrench set removal tool for gm ford chrysler jeep is perfect for removing fan clutchs on your vehicle. It featuring acsvar® design and a nylon case for protection. this fan wrench set is designed to help you lose stuff faster and easier. The cluing in the set will make sure you do not get lost in the world of pneumatic fans. The cluing in this set will help you to get back to your work quickly and easily. this kit includes a set of two pneumatic fan clutch wrenches, a set of two oil panuff wrenches, and two screwdriver wrenches. The tool set is designed to remove a fan clutch from a pneumatic engine, and it can also be used to remove a fan from a air-cooled engine. The tool set is easy to use, and it includes aographing guide and crossbar. this set includes both a roughneck tool and a wrench for easy removal of a fan clutch on your favorite vehicle. The roughneck tool is designed to help with tasks such as removing fans and oil filters with a the set also includes aetter tool for installing fans and oil filters.