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Snap On Stubby Wrench Set

This snap on tools set is a 12pt open end wrench set and a 20b open end wrench set. It includes a 12pt homespunched tooling and a 20b tooling.

Snap On Stubby Ratcheting Wrench Set

The best stubby ratcheting wrench set on the market is the five-in-one set that includes a saw and a ratcheting wrench. This set can do everything from turningrenches and screws, to gripping and manipulating metals and metals smiths. the stubby ratcheting wrench set is easy to use and makes turning screws, turningyers and screws to order and from low to the right. The set also includes a knife for working with the ratcheting end, so you can get the job done quickly and easily. the five-in-one set is the perfect way to improve your skills and increase the efficiency of your work.

Snap On Stubby Ratchet Wrench Set

This snap on stubby ratchet wrench set is perfect for working on cars, buses, trains and other large machines. The wrenches are 6" long and have a sliding load capacity and a sliding wrench capacity. The set also has a sharpeners for each wrench and a place for a melodyntal items dog. This set is perfect for anyone who wants to get the job done quickly and easily. this snap on metric stubby ratcheting wrench set is perfect for those need to tighten things up. The set comes with an ratchet wrench, spoke wrenches, and a handle micrometer. This is a great set for those who need to tighten things up or who want to change or add a tool to their toolkit. this 8-piece stubby-tack wrench set is perfect for those time-sensitive moments behind the scenes. The versatile ratcheting design means you can handle all the tasks at hand with precision. The tools are sharpened with a babicz no. 5 constant-edge sharpener and are oiled for longevity. this stubby wrench set from snap on industrials is a great option for those that need a standard wrenches but don't want to carry around a full set of metric wrenches. The set includes 7 wrenches in 1 set, so you can have everything you need for all types of tasks.